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How to Claim Compensation for a Road Accident Injury

Being involved in a road accident is never a pleasant experience, and even less so when the result is injury to your person. Whether you are a passenger in a vehicle, a driver or a pedestrian involved in an accident – or, in fact, any other road user – if it was not your own fault then you have a basic right to claim compensation for your suffering. In South Africa the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is in place to help with compensation fund claims durban, but sometimes it pays to engage an expert to help you with your claim.

Friedman & Associates is a Durban based team of attorneys working primarily in the world of third party claims, and they can provide you with the expert legal help to make sure you stand the best chance of a successful claim. They will do everything from taking your details in the first instance and assessing whether you have a claim, to getting the right medical examinations for you, and then negotiating with the RAF. If there is no suitable offer forthcoming they will then take your case to the courts.

If you are now concerned with cerebral palsy durban and also that this will result in great expense, don’t worry; Friedman & Associates operates an innovative and helpful No Win No Pay scheme. Put simply, if your claim is not successful – and by taking it on with this proviso attached the attorneys will be confident in success – you do not pay anything. Such peace of mind means that you can make your claim without the fear of a massive bill landing on you after you were awarded nothing. If you think you have a valid claim why not give Friedman & Associates a call, and see if they can help you get the compensation you deserve?